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Used plastic molding machinery and metal stamping presses.
Bliss and Erie used stamping presses for salespacer.gif (43 bytes) We specialize in sales of used hydraulic stamping presses
Used stamping presses to 4000 ton capacity

used machinery listing service and resale company


3000 ton Clearing 1971 stamping press with slides and moving bolster for sale Rare 1971 Clearing 3000 ton spamping press in great condition for sale at liquidation price.

**For immediate sale- USED CLEARING HYDRAULIC 3000 TON PRESS

  • Year Mfg:  2/24/71  and   Model No. H-3000-216-172
  • Serial Number 11-5269 and max compression capacity is 3000 tons
  • 72 Inch Stroke on Slide and 30 Inch Stroke of Die Cushion
  • 24 Inch Shut Height
  • 72 Inch Maximum Stroke and 48 Inch Ejector Stroke
  • Capacity 800 Ton Cushion
  • Slide & Bolster - 216" L-R      172" F-B
  • 96 Inches Maximum Daylight     145-1/2" Between Uprights
  • 145" Between Guideways L-R    126" Between Guideways F-B
  • 121" Between Stops and the press has ID 717 Bessemer
  • Rare 1971 Clearing 3000 ton spamping press in great condition for sale at liquidation price. Call Tech Machinery for pricing and further Clearing press details.

Tech Machinery Sales has this used 650 ton Pacific 4 post hydraulic Press for sale at a liquidation price. used machinery listings. Think of us as a machinery listing service for both buyers and sellers of plasnt production machinery.

Used Industrial equipment for sale throiugh Tech Machinery

Below you'll find some of our current listings of  used industrial plant manufacturing equipment offered for sale through Tech Machinery Inc. Our machinery locator service acts as your equipment hotline for machinery not listed here. Click on images to see larger view

7000ton-control2.jpg (69962 bytes)   btn_zoom.gif (1330 bytes)  7000ton3.jpg (71835 bytes)
Used 7000 Metric ton Siempelkamp Allform Hydraulic Press for sale

** 4000 Ton Verson Hydraulic Press for immediate sale. This Model 4000-HD3-184 has 42" Stroke and 74" Daylight, which can be increased with risers, Bed size is 184" x 102" . Tech Machinery Sales can arrange under-power inspection and quote shipping worldwide on this Verson stamping Press...
Used Verson 4000 ton hydraulic press Model 4000-HD3-184 for sale at

Must see compression molding hydraulic presses for sale at below links....

Williams and White compression molding presses being liquidated at low low prices.How about this 4000ton Williams and White 4 post Hydraulic press (model H-4000 180-96 )we can now offer for immediate sale and arrange inspections and shipping worldwide. Call Techmachinery at (586) 773-8822 for price and further details on this great hydraulic press ready to put to work at your stamping/molding plant.

 Used 1999 Williams and White 4 Post hydrauluc press model H-4000-180-96 for sale

4000 Ton Williams & White 4-Post Hydraulic Press and installed New in 2001
60" Stroke with a 100" Daylight equiped with 180" x 96" Bed area  ... Call for price and details


STOCK NO. 14444 and S/N KHM04046 Mfg. 1998 and Installed new 11/98
500 Ton Rating
86” x 110” Bed And Ram

60” Stroke and 70” Daylight

Dual 14” Diameter Cylindrical Rods

T-Slotted Ram Face And Bolster

Rolling Bolster, 98” Travel

100 Ton Stripping Capacity

25 Ton Max. Die Weight

24 Ton Return Capacity

43” x 84” Windows

100 HP Hydraulic Pump Motor 440/3/60

Rexroth Pumps And Valves

Speeds: 720 IPM Advance Max.

60 IPM Pressing Max.

720 IPM Return Max.

Good Condition – As Taken From Service  FOB – Cincinnati, Ohio .... Call Tech Machinery (586) 773-8822 for price and inspections or quotes for shipping.



Floor Space: 140” x 140” x 250” Ht. From Floor and approx Weight: 70 Tons.

Sizes And Weights Of Press Parts:
Sliding Bolster – 14,000 Lbs., 7’4” x 9’4” x 21” Ht.

Ram – 32,000 Lbs., 8’ x 10’ x 10’ Ht.

Base – 20,000 Lbs., 8’ x 10’ x 40’ Ht.

(2) Side Frames – 12,000 Lbs. Each, 18’ x 8’ x 2’ Ht. Each

Crown – 40,000 Lbs., 9’6” x 8’ x 8’ Ht.

Hydraulic System – 3,000 Lbs., 4’8” x 8’ x 7’5” Ht.


For immediate sale one 1600 Ton Schuller Hydraulic Press installed new in 1996 with 130x98" bed size and 43" stroke. This model HPD-S1600 Schuller Press is located in Mid-west USA location and can be shipped worldwide.

Used compression molding presses from a major auto parts plant in Shelbyville In.23 Hydraulic Compression Molding Presses from 500 ton to 2500 ton for sale at liquidation prices. (Shelbyville Indiana auto parts plant closing sale)

Erie,Hepburne and Williams and White compression molding presses being liquidated at low low prices. Grabil Indiana Compression Molding plant liquidation sale on ERIE, French Oil, Hepburne and Williams & White major brand presses ranging from 400 to 4450 ton capacities. We also have some HPM and Toyo Plastar brand injection molding presses for immediate sale in this Grabil In. Plant Liquidation sale.

750 ton Sheridan Gray Up-acting Hot molding press with thermal transfer oil circulation system for immediate sale used Sheridan Grey 750 ton molding press with upward acting bolster and cooling tower for sale
Sheridan Gray 750 ton Hot molding press with cooling tower for immediate sale

  • Sheridan Gray model LEHLC-750 new in 1987 with variable tonnage from 20 to 750

  • Ram Stroke 36" and Ram speed pressing = 0-15 IPM

  • Ram speed return from 0 to 20 IPM and Platen size 72" x 144"

  • Minimum die size 32" x 32" and equipped with thermal transfer - oil circulation system

  • Oil Temperature 600 degree F and has water circulation system with cooling tower..

  • 600 GPM @ 43.3 PSI with 20 HP drive motor.

  • Platen and Bolster level via linear control. Press has 2 fabricated steel platens, one attached to crown and other to the up-acting bolster.

  • each platen has 72 heater elements and labyrinth of passages for even heating and cooling during operation. Ceramic insulators and 4 heat shields with front capable of manual raising and lowering for die setting.

  • Call Tech Machinery Sales for price on this 750 ton Sheridan/Gray molding press system.


750 ton Pacific used press SPECIFICATIONS:
Stroke: 24” and  Open Height: 36” Closed height: 12”
Bolster Size: 120”LR x 72”FB
Windows: 36”W x 44”H
Speeds: Advanced: 198, 77,23 IPM
Return: 132, 44 IPM
Equipped With: Water Type Heat Exchanger
250 Ton Die Cushion @ 2150 PSI
Knock Out Slots and 75 HP Motor
480/3/60 Electrics
Approximate Dimensions: 72”FB x 158”LR x 190” High (Above Floor Line)
48” Below Floor Line
Approximate Weight: 152,000#...
 click here for more details on this Pacific 750 ton straight side Hydr Press


Formerly at Tower Automotive's Hydroform facility in Milwaukee,Wi.
Siempelkamp Specifications:
39" Stroke and  78" Daylite
138.5" 78" Slide Area
175.5" x 84" Die Plate Area
min 500kN Return force
350 mm/s advance speed
40 mm/s preforming
350 mm/s return speed

Hydroforming via the Siempelkamp ALLFORM technology enables the economical production of complex and intricate workpiece shapes. This complexity relates to both longitudinal and cross sections. Typical examples include chassis parts, branching elements of tubes, and frame and exhaust parts.

 The ALLFORM method: The starting material is usually a hollow pre-form or a sheet blank, which is pressed into the shape of a forming tool with a high-pressure fluid. Compared to conventional methods, even hydro-mechanical and hydrostatic ones, the forming possibilities are significantly increased. 

The advantages of ALLFORM PRESSES

  • Weight and material savings of 40 to 50 %, in some cases even up to 75 %
  • Wall thickness distribution optimized to component requirements
  • High work hardening
  • Continuous material grain flow for optimum component performance
  • More precise dimensional accuracy
  • Flow-advantageous component contours and junction geometries
  • Elimination of webs for joining operations
  • Better usage of limited installation space

7000ton2.jpg (41839 bytes)
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7000ton-control.jpg (71451 bytes)

7000ton1.jpg (40423 bytes)

Call Techmachinery Sales for Pricing and to arrange a inspection of this Siempelkamp hydraulic Press.
Call (586) 773-8822

1980 Dieffenbacker Type PHP 2000 ton Hydraulic Press for sale:
max compression force= 2000 tons with Platen clamping surface 100x60" with 56" lift and 76" daylight. options include Core Pullers and 3 Ejectors and can be shipped worldwide.

dieffenbacker-PHP2000.jpg (29042 bytes)


For immediate sale.. these 2 used hydraulic stamping presses from a local production plant

CLEARING 750 ton hydraulic press

SPECS: Clearing Model H-750-120

  • Bed size:  10 ft x 7 ft
  • 7 ft Daylight and 8 ft Between Housings
  • 48 In. Stroke     
  • CALL Tech Machinery at (586) 773-8822 or e-mail us for pricing

750ton-clearing1.jpg (36128 bytes)

 We now have in stock three rare 5000 ton Hydraulic 4-post presses available for immediate sale. Tech machinery also has 40+ ERIE, HOESCH, Williams and White 4 post hydraulic presses ranging from 400 tons to 2500 tons immediately available from 2 plant liquidation sales. Also see the Clearing and Danly complete presslines and other misc plant production presses for sale below...

  1. 5000 Ton Bliss 4 -Post Hydraulic Press with rolling bolsters


  3. 5000 metric ton Dieffenbacker hydraulic press with rolling bolsters and leveling system

  4. 1600 TON, USI CLEARING PRESSLINE with (5) PRESSES, Robots and de-Stackers

  5. (1) 2500 Ton Used DANLY and (3) 1000 ton PRESSES IN COMPLETE WORKING PRESS LINE for sale

  6. 1000 Ton Williams & White Down Acting Hydraulic Housing Type Press


  8. 150 TON PHOENIX 4-POST HYDRAULIC COMPRESSION MOLDING PRESS for sale at liquidation price

Call Tech Machinery at (586) 773-8822 or e-mail us for pricing and complete details on these plant production system bargains.

VERSON 1500 ton hydraulic press at clearance pricing...

specifications for this press : 650 Ton Pacific 4-Post Hydraulic Press for sale. New in 1994.... Model 650 CX  12/126 

Bed & Ram Size: 144" rl  x  126"fb

Stroke: 86"      .Daylight: 110".........    Adjustable Tonnage via  PLC operator interface.

Max open above Bolster: 114" and Min open is 28" above bolster

Equipped with Dual Rolling Bolsters front to back 4" thick Tee Slotted Bolster Top is 11" above floor

Base Sets 39" below floor level and has Max Height above floor = 275  3/8"  or  22' 9" withc Approx Machine weight 300,000 lbs. Condition is very Good and ready for plant production

pacific650-1.jpg (126795 bytes)
Click images to enlarge

pacific650-3.jpg (132491 bytes)

500 ton FABRIWELD hydraulic press new in 2004. Used in R&D test lab so performs like new.
  • A-B panel-view 600 controller
  • 48" DL and light curtains
  • 36" stroke and 80x120" between posts. 80x107 platen area and 145x80 overall bed size.

used 500 ton Fabriweld hydraulic testing press installed new in 2004 for sale.


200 ton Schuler testing press with Sterlco die heater and model SMCA-75 chiller. Model M2B9026-J1 with 47" daylight and 36x36" bed size. Light curtains.

Used Wisconsin drawer type 500° F electric oven and L&L brand infra-red oven with 3 zones and 24x64" typical heat zone size. Call for pricing on all these new press and industrial heat treat oven listings...

FabriWeld brand 50 ton hydraulic testing press installed new in 2004. Equipped with A-B panel-view 300 controller and has 36" stroke, 40" DL and has 84x60" between posts.

Fabriweld 50 ton testing hydraulic press for sale with panelview 300 controller and light curtains
Used 50 ton R&D testing hydraulic Fabriweld press with Sterlco die heater and chiller.

* Williams & White 800ton capacity Compression Molding Press (1976) for sale. Three identical presses 2803-psi 125" x 50" Platen size, 95" x 45" Bed area between posts, 60" stroke with 80" max Daylight. 75HP Hydraulic system with hot oil pumps and full PLC relay controls. (pit mounted press)

663.jpg (120883 bytes) 668.jpg (88070 bytes)

*ERIE 1500 ton compression molding press new in 1977. 3000 psi, 120" x 96 Platen and bed size between posts, 82" stroke, 100" max daylight, with 200 HP hydraulic system and hot oil pumps. Updated Allen Bradley PLC2-30 controls. Press is pit mounted

Call Tech Machinery for details and pricing on these composite compression molding used presses. We also specialize in used Hydraulic and Mechanical metal stamping presses ready shipment to production plants worldwide.

* Verson 500 Ton Compression Molding Press new in 1972. This one has 2860 psi, 66" x 42" platen with 66" x 24" working bed area between posts. 36" Stroke and 68" daylight with 100HP hydraulic system. Application Engineering Temperature controller with 2 hot oil pumps and Allen Bradley PLC2-30 controls.

NEW offer:  1ea.  USED -VB150 Eaton-Leonard 1.5" Capacity and VB-300 3" capacity CNC controlled Tube Benders for sale at liquidatiuon pricing.

VB 150 Eaton Leonard tube bender CNC system for sale by Tech Machinery Used VB300 Eaton-Leonard CNC 3" Capacity Tube Bender for sale in Metro Detroit by TechMachinery Sales VB150 Eaton-Leonard CNC 1-1/2" Capacity Tube Bender for sale at liquidation price
Eaton-Leonard CNC controlled Tube Bending machines for sale

Call (586) 773-8822 for Pricing and additional equipment for sale

Below you'll find some newly purchased presses available for immediate delivery.

1. Used Williams & White 1500 Ton 4 POST HYDRAULIC PRESS

2. 800mm Schmidt & Heinzman used SMC Machine  -new in 1987

3. Finn & Fram 48" SMC machine with complete in-line mixer and other options.

4. Used- Erie 1500 and 600 ton Hydraulic compression molding presses

5. 1200 Ton Press - Battenfield Hydraulic Compression Molding 4 Post Press

6. Used 2500 ton HPM Hydraulic Press for sale at a wholesale price.

Additional listings: Newer model Eagle Model EPT-60   2-1/4" capacity and Adaptive Motion used CNC Tube Benders for sale. 10'x1/4" Guilfil Hydraulic Shear, 8' 70 Ton 2-axis CNC Guilfil Brake, 10' 240 Ton 8-axis LVD CNC controlled Brake and 10' x1/2" LVD Hydraulic Shear also available.

Press Rebuilding Repair and Relocation Services have been added to our service offerings as we recondition hydraulic and mechanical presses for buyers.

Hydraulic Presses and Equipment rebuilding Services include:

  1. Refurbish and retrofit all types of hydraulic presses
  2. Complete rebuilds from hydraulics to electrical control updates
  3. Expert analysis of existing press condition and upgrade costs

Tech Machinery offers complete rigging and press relocation services to anywhere in North America as a value add service to buyers.

  1. Press Dismantling, re-rigging and shipping prep services
  2. Trucking by bonded carrier to any USA destination
  3. Installation services including rigging, electrical and safety equipment.

Tech Machinery is a Industrial Equipment broker

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Finn Fram SMC molding presses for sale 1600tonww.jpg (122187 bytes) finn-fram-smc-2.jpg (118970 bytes)
48" Finn & Fram SMC machine with complete in-line mixer and other options.

Tech Machinery Sales has available for immediate delivery this Erie Hydraulic 600 Ton Compression Molding Press.

Type: 600 Ton Compression Molding Press  Model: Valu-Mold in good working condition.

S/N: 21-5524 New in Year: 1985
Platen: 105" x 45"
Stroke: 56"
Daylight: 80"
Working pressure: 2800 PSI
Fast advance: 900 IPM
Pressing: 44 IPM
Fast return: 640 IPM
Slow return: 14 IPM

Equipped With:
Free standing control console
PLC Controls
Top mounted hydraulics
Palm buttons **Pit required

We also have Erie, Williams & White, and Clearing 1500-1600 ton presses.

erie600tonsn-21-5524.jpg (50813 bytes) erie600tonSN-21-5523.jpg (57405 bytes)
Click btn_zoom.gif (1330 bytes) to enlarge
100_1559.jpg (19854 bytes)
Additional Free standing Presses

Buy/Sell services performed by Tech Machinery Inc.

Tech Machinery focuses on buying and selling of used metalworking presses, shears, stamping plant and plastic molding machinery. It is our only business. We concentrate on, and dedicate our time and resources to satisfy our customer's industrial machinery needs. Most manufacturing companies have no quick method of disposing of their machinery. There is no need to assign this task to one of your employees who is already overloaded with work, and who may not have the information and contacts to receive the best price when selling used machinery. We are here to help manufacturing companies with the disposal of your surplus or obsolete equipment.

We have access to thousands of machines. Because of our computerized inventory and communication system, daily contact with manufacturing plants and process facilities, and Internet hook-up; we are better able to sell your surplus machinery and to locate machines that you need. We are always looking for quality surplus machinery equipment. Presses, grinders, thread rollers, plant production lines to name a few. Everything from a single machine to an entire plant are saught after by our used machinery clients..

Phone or write the staff of TechMachinery LLC

Erie Hydraulic 1500Ton
Compression Molding Press
S/N: 21-5522 Year: 1985

Condition: Good
Platen: 128" x 100"
Stroke: 80"
Daylight: 104"
Working Pressure: 2800 PSI
Advance: 5 to 100 IPM
Pressing: 3 to 25 IPM
Slow Return: 1 to 10 IPM
Return: 700 IPM

Equipped With:
PLC Controls
Top Mounted Hydraulics
Free Standing Controls
Pit Required

If the equipment you need isn't listed here,  we ask that you contact us so we can find it for you.

1500 Ton Press Hydraulic Compression Molding Erie 4 Post Valu-Mold

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