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Bliss and Erie used stamping presses for salespacer.gif (43 bytes) We specialize in sales of used hydraulic stamping presses
Used stamping presses to 4000 ton capacity

used machinery listing service and resale company newest machinery listed for immediate sale at liquidation prices. Think of us as a machinery listing service for both buyers and sellers of machinery.

2000 Ton St. Lawrence Hydraulic Press for sale
New 1988 with 43" Stroke and 72" Daylight
95" x 72" Bed area equipped with 125 Ton Cushions

2000 Ton St. Lawerence Hydraulic Press for sale

ALERT! Huge Plant liquidation as all metal stamping presses, brake shears, Arc Welders, HiLo's , Molding machines and miscellaneous shop equipment are part of a huge Plant Liquidation Sale.   CLICK HERE TO View the equipment on this complete pland liquidation sale located in Metro Detroit area. It's a Buyer's Marketplace in the used plant production equipment marketplace in the USA. Tech Machinery Sales is your advocate for getting the lowest price on excess machinery due to bankruptcy or distressed sales of viable production equipment. The Global economy is being fueled by putting this production machinery back into use in USA growth areas and worldwide industrial cities. All assets on this Auto Parts plant liquidation Sale are to be sold on a piecemeal basis "as is" with purchasers responsible for removal of assets at their own risk and expense. Any deletions or additions to the total assets appraised could change the
psychological and/or monetary appeal necessary to gain the price offered by Techmachinery Sales

500 Ton Hamilton Hydraulic Press priced for immediate Sale

Installed New in 1995
48" Stroke and 66" DayLight
18" Shut Height
Die Bed Size 72" x 142"

500 Ton 1996 Used  Hamilton Hydraulic press


500 Ton Baldwin Multi-Platen Hydraulic Press5-48" x 60" Oil Heated Platens


1200 Ton Battenfield 4-Post Hydraulic Press for sale at liquidation price


Used 1200 Ton Battenfield 4-Post Hydraulic Press (new in 1988 40" Stroke and 62" Daylight with 60" x 80" platen area


1. Williams & White 1000 Tonnage Daylite-84" Stroke-60" Platen 72"x 98"

2. Williams & White 1000 Tonnage Daylite- 84" Stroke- 60" Platen- 72" x 98"

5. Williams & White 750 Tonnage, Daylite- 78", Stroke- 60", Platen-60" x 110"

6. Williams & White 750 Tonnage, Daylite- 78", Stroke 60", Platen 60" x 110"


STOCK NO. 14444 and S/N KHM04046 Mfg. 1998 and Installed new 11/98
500 Ton Rating
86” x 110” Bed And Ram

60” Stroke and 70” Daylight

Dual 14” Diameter Cylindrical Rods

T-Slotted Ram Face And Bolster

Rolling Bolster, 98” Travel

100 Ton Stripping Capacity

25 Ton Max. Die Weight

24 Ton Return Capacity

43” x 84” Windows

100 HP Hydraulic Pump Motor 440/3/60

Rexroth Pumps And Valves

Speeds: 720 IPM Advance Max.

60 IPM Pressing Max.

720 IPM Return Max.

Good Condition – As Taken From Service  FOB – Cincinnati, Ohio .... Call Tech Machinery (586) 773-8822 for price and inspections or quotes for shipping.



Floor Space: 140” x 140” x 250” Ht. From Floor and approx Weight: 70 Tons.

Sizes And Weights Of Press Parts:
Sliding Bolster – 14,000 Lbs., 7’4” x 9’4” x 21” Ht.

Ram – 32,000 Lbs., 8’ x 10’ x 10’ Ht.

Base – 20,000 Lbs., 8’ x 10’ x 40’ Ht.

(2) Side Frames – 12,000 Lbs. Each, 18’ x 8’ x 2’ Ht. Each

Crown – 40,000 Lbs., 9’6” x 8’ x 8’ Ht.

Hydraulic System – 3,000 Lbs., 4’8” x 8’ x 7’5” Ht.

USED 1200 Ton Homering Gib Guided Hydraulic Press with 54" Stroke and 78" Daylight
press has 90" x 156" Bed Area Rolling Bolster and equipped with Cushions

7. Hepburn 1500 Tonnage, 96" Daylite, 72" Stroke, 90" x 148" Platen

11. Erie-1400 Tonnage, Daylite-94", Stroke 74", 84" x 121" Platen

13. Lawton 330 Tonnage, Daylite-58", Stroke 36", 47.6" x 73.4" Platen

20. Williams & White 500 Tonnage, 76" Daylite, 52" Stroke, 48" x 74 " Platen

21. Erie-- 500 Tonnage, 66" Daylite, 42" Stroke, 66" x 96" Platen


Williams and White compression molding presses being liquidated at low low prices.500 Ton Clearing Up-Acting 4 Post Hydraulic press for sale

Used 500 Ton Clearing Up-Acting 4-Post Hydraulic Press specs 24" Stroke with 48" Daylight and 48" x 96" Platen


Used compression molding presses from a major auto parts plant in Shelbyville In.23 Hydraulic Compression Molding Presses from 500 ton to 2500 ton for sale at liquidation prices. (Shelbyville Indiana auto parts plant closing sale)

Erie,Hepburne and Williams and White compression molding presses being liquidated at low low prices. Grabil Indiana Compression Molding plant liquidation sale on ERIE, French Oil, Hepburne and Williams & White major brand presses ranging from 400 to 4450 ton capacities. We also have some HPM and Toyo Plastar brand injection molding presses for immediate sale in this Grabil In. Plant Liquidation sale.

Bargains on Used plant machinery and complete USA plant liquidation sales with shipping worldwide for buyers.

PRESS Type and Manufacturer

PRESS SPECS                   PICTURES

150 Ton Drake 4-Post Hydraulic

 Press New 1973

54” Daylite                           CLICK HERE

24” Stroke

250 Ton Modern #1R 4-Post Hydraulic Press


Model: #1R
Capacity: 250 Ton
Stroke: 18"
Daylight: 36"
Bed Area: 92"LR x 48"FB (Overall)
Bed Area Between Posts: 72-1/2"LR x 30"FB
Bolster Area: 72"LR x 48"FB
Ram Area: 72"LR x 48"FB
Operating Pressure: 2000 PSI

7" Thick Drilled & Tapped Bolster Plate
Allen Bradley Panelview 550 Controls
Free Standing Operator Station
75 HP Lincoln "Lincguard" Motor
220-440 Volt / 60 / 3 / 1179 RPM
(4) Individually Mounted Cushions in Base
Floor Standing

300 Ton Weinhomer Hydraulic Spotting Press with Rolling Bolster



400 Ton Pacific Straight Side Hydraulic Press



24” Stroke



500 Ton Clearing 4-Post Hydraulic Press





500 Ton Lawton 4-Post Down moving Hydraulic Press

SPECIFICATIONS:                                           CLICK HERE
Model: #4- Post
New:  1988                                                      
Capacity: 500 Ton
Stroke: 36”
Daylight Opening: 40”                                   
Platen Area: 88”LR x 48”FB
Between Posts: 70”LR x 30”FB
Diameter of posts: 7”

Hydraulic Unit - Pump and motor


500 Ton Sutherland Housing Type Hydraulic Press New 2003

54”Daylite                             CLICK HERE



550 Ton Schuler Down Acting Presses (2)

Capacity: 550 US Tons        CLICK HERE
Stroke: 20" (500mm)                        
Slide to Bolster: 33.5" (850mm)
Bed and Slide Area: 67" lr x 51" fb (1300 x 1700mm)
Bolster to Floor: 39" (1000mm)
Distance between guideways: 53" (1340mm)
Distance between side locks: 50" (1280mm)

600 Ton Verson #600- Model HD2-120-60T / HR-18-22 Straight Side Hydraulic Press

600 ton Verson SS press  CLICK HERE
New in :  1973
Capacity: 600 Ton
Bed Size: 120”LR x 60”FB
Ram Size: 120”LR x 60”FB
Stroke: 45”
Daylight Opening: 76”
Shut Height: 31”
Gross Lifting Capacity: 55 Tons
Fast Advance Speed: 1025 IPM
Pressing Speed: 82 IPM
Fast Return Speed: 895 IPM
(2) Cushions - 127 Ton Capacity Each
Stroke of Cushions: 22”
Oil Requirements: 770 Gallon (press); 370 Gallon (cushions)

Approx Dimensions: 122”FB at feet x 163.5”LR x 320” Overall Height
Height: 232” above floor + 88” below floor
Approx Overall Weight: 182,480 lbs

650 Ton Pacific 4 Post Hydraulic Press New 1995


126”Daylite                             CLICK HERE



660 Ton Sutherland Model HD 600 Hydraulic Press

Model: HD 660 press        CLICK HERE
New: 2005
Stroke: 26"
Shut Height: 24"
Daylight: 50"
Bed Area: 84"LR x 72"FB

750 Ton Pacific #500 OBL-12 Hydraulic Straight Side Press

Model: #500 OBL-12            CLICK HERE
Year: 1996
Capacity: 750 Ton                               
Punching Capacity: 500 Ton
Bed Area: 72” x 149”
Window Dimensions: 19” x 50”       
Stroke: 24”
Shut Height: 36”                                  
Open Height (Daylight): 60”
Cushion Tonnage (Total): 150 Ton   
Cushion Stroke: 9”

Rapid Advance: 360 IPM
Fast Press: 135 IPM
Normal Press (Variable): 5-36 IPM
Fast Return: 198 IPM
Normal Return: 66 IPM

Equipped With
Allen Bradley PanelView 1400E Control
Pedestal Mounted Palm Button Controls
Full Set 25.75” High Machined Filler Blocks for Ram
Dual Cushions
Oil Coolant
Machine Dimensions: 168” L x 119” W x 252” H

800 Ton Lake Erie Hydraulic Press

New:  1950's
Capacity: 800 Ton
Stroke: 48”
Open: 71”
Bed Size: 96” x 161”
Between Posts: 96” x 69”
Floor Standing
Hydraulics - Side to Top Mounted

880 Ton Sutherland Model HD 800 Hydraulic Press

Model: HD 880 Hydraulic Press
New: 2005
Stroke: 26"
Shut Height: 24"
Daylight: 50"
Bed Area: 84"LR x 72"FB

6" T slotted bolster
AB Panel View 1000 Touch Screen

900 Hepburn Housing Type Hydraulic


84”Daylite                          CLICK HERE



1000 Williams&White Housing Type

Hydraulic Press New 1987

72”Daylite                           CLICK HERE



1000 Ton Pacific Straight Side

Hydraulic Press New 1991



240”x54” Bed

1000 Ton HPM 4-Post Hydraulic

Press Floor Standing

36” Daylite                           CLICK HERE

24” Stroke

48”x96” Bed

1000 Ton St. Lawrence 4-Post Down Acting Hydraulic Press

Capacity: 1000 Tons
Stroke: 30"
Daylight: 56" (to be verified)
Bed and Slide: 110" lr x 72" fb
Distance Between Posts: 90" lr x 50" fb
Cylinder Bore: 16"
Cylinder Rod Diameter: (4) 12" each

Equipped With
6" T-slotted & tapped lower platen
T-slotted Ram
8" diamter posts
Top - Rear mounted hydraulic unit
50HP - 1200 RPM main motor
Die Cushion - 10" stroke
Electrics and controls


1350 Williams & White

Hydraulic Press New 1995

80”Daylite                           CLICK HERE



1500 Ton Williams & White

Housing Type Hydraulic Press

72”Daylite                             CLICK HERE



1500 Ton Verson #HD3-196-196-4T Hydraulic Press

Model:  #HD3-196-196-4T
New:  1971
Tonnage: 1500
Stroke: 60”
Shut Height: 36”
Bed Area: 196”LR x 196”FB
Distance Between Housings: 122”LR x 150”FB

2000 Ton Erie Hydraulic Press




60”x60” Bed

2000 Ton Williams & White

Hydraulic Press New 1999

100”Daylite                         CLICK HERE


96”x180” Platen                                        

2200 Ton Williams & White

Hydraulic Press New 1999

48”Daylite                             CLICK HERE



4000 Ton Williams & White

4-Post Hydraulic Press

100”Daylite                           CLICK HERE

80” Stroke

96”x180” Bed

4000 Ton Dieffenbacher #PHP 4-Post Downacting Hydraulic Press

Model: #PHP
Year: 1980
Capacity: 4000
Stroke: 102.36
Daylight Opening: 142” max
Bed Size: 148”LR x 110”FB
Ram Size: 148”LR x 110”FB
Operating Speed: Advance: 300 mm per / second
Return: 300 mm / per second

Ram & Bolster - T-Slotted
Weight of Press: 300 Tons

5000 Ton Bliss Hydraulic Press

60” Daylite                        CLICK HERE


84”x204”Rolling Bolster

5500 Ton Dieffenbacher 4-Post New Hydraulic Press new in 1990

126”Daylite                          CLICK HERE




 5000 Ton Williams & White 4-Post Hydraulic Press NEW 2001

 112"Daylite                        CLICK HERE




750 ton Sheridan Gray Up-acting Hot molding press with thermal transfer oil circulation system for immediate sale used Sheridan Grey 750 ton molding press with upward acting bolster and cooling tower for sale
Sheridan Gray 750 ton Hot molding press with cooling tower for immediate sale

  • Sheridan Gray model LEHLC-750 new in 1987 with variable tonnage from 20 to 750

  • Ram Stroke 36" and Ram speed pressing = 0-15 IPM

  • Ram speed return from 0 to 20 IPM and Platen size 72" x 144"

  • Minimum die size 32" x 32" and equipped with thermal transfer - oil circulation system

  • Oil Temperature 600 degree F and has water circulation system with cooling tower..

  • 600 GPM @ 43.3 PSI with 20 HP drive motor.

  • Platen and Bolster level via linear control. Press has 2 fabricated steel platens, one attached to crown and other to the up-acting bolster.

  • each platen has 72 heater elements and labyrinth of passages for even heating and cooling during operation. Ceramic insulators and 4 heat shields with front capable of manual raising and lowering for die setting.

  • Call Tech Machinery Sales for price on this 750 ton Sheridan/Gray molding press system.

Click for a complete plant pressline liquidation sale of over 40 metal stamping press

It's a Buyer's Marketplace in the used plant production equipment marketplace in the USA. Tech Machinery Sales is your advocate for getting the lowest price on excess machinery due to bankruptcy or distressed sales of viable production equipment. The Global economy is being fueled by putting this production machinery back into use in USA growth areas and worldwide industrial cities.


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